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We are collaborative innovators impacting technology in the Capital area. CAITC serves our members and the industry through our strong peer-to-peer network and regional initiatives to raise the visibility and viability of the technology industry. Our core purpose is to empower regional technology organizations and be their collective voice in growing regional economy. We strive to deliver valuable services to members and foster collaboration, innovation, and the exchange of ideas.


A collaborative effort to bring more awareness to the Capital Area regarding technology.


Investing in personnel development, through hosting conferences, and innovative training opportunities.


Raising the level of standards; based on a fast-pace, always changing innovative industry.

Member Spotlight

Capital Area IT Council

Capital Area IT Council is a catalyst for connectivity by uniting, developing, and promoting our IT Community to attract global talent and become a statewide and national leader in tech-based innovation.

Develop. Connect. Impact. IT in Greater Lansing.

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