A vibrant and thriving IT industry in the greater Lansing region.

Our vision statement helps guide us in determining current and future initiatives.  This is the answer to why we exist.  Continued member and partner support is vital to collectively grow this vision into reality!

The History

The Capital Area IT Council is a Michigan Regional Skills Alliance that was formed to address the specific workforce development challenges facing the local information technology industry. Employer led and directed, the Capital Area IT Council is a coalition of industry, education, economic development, and government partners committed to identifying, developing, and implementing real solutions for improving the quantity and quality of IT professionals in the region.

Information technology is one of the fastest growing sectors in the capital area, growing almost 7 times faster than the rate for all jobs. The data suggests that more than 13,000 residents in the capital area are employed in IT related jobs. IT companies in the region are enjoying explosive growth; however the very success of the regional IT community means they must cooperate among themselves and with their partners to recruit, develop, and retain the people needed to sustain future growth. The IT Council is designed to be a vehicle to ensure the local business community and the region have a coherent, effective champion for IT workforce development.

Why Join?

The Capital Area IT Council has a foundation built on three essential pillars to help guide us in living our vision of a vibrant and thriving IT industry in the great Lansing region.    Simply stated, we connect, develop and impact all things IT in the Capital area.

Lead by a board of directors who are active in and passionate about IT in our region, the CAITC is actively pursuing member organizations who share the same desire to grow the Lansing area into a destination to be noticed for our innovation, community resources and IT opportunities.

By joining, you can help us implement and grow our initiatives to create a competitive IT ecosystem in mid-Michigan!

Connect – A HUB for all things IT

• Advocating for increased visibility and opportunity for all business sizes and IT professionals
• Bringing together all IT interests and resources within the region
• Providing a call to action to address talent development
• Creating a vibrant tech community in the Capital Area

Develop – Investing in talent development and creation

• User/Peer group facilitation
• Subject matter experts at networking events
• Provide input to local collegiate curriculums
• Promote continued learning such as training and development events

Impact – Amplify the buzz about the IT community

• State, local, federal policy voice for the Capital Area
• Drive awareness to identify skills gaps and talent development
• Facilitate access to tools for building a strong workforce
• Champion for STEAM career creation

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